Bubble talk: Feb 20

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Bubble talk: Feb 20

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PROVIDENCE– The Friars are stringing together some nice wins. Several wins on the road. They currently have 6 quad 1 wins. They must avoid accumulating too many losses and they will likely be in the field. If we updated today, they would likely be in the play-in game.

NC STATE Signature wins are important. Beating Duke is always good for teams. The Wolfpack moved back into our field. Now they must work to maintain their spot.

In & Trending down

OKLAHOMA– Losing to Kansas and Baylor is nothing to be ashamed off. However, those losses still count. Oklahoma has a NET 46 and a 1-9 quad 1 record. Their 8 quad 2 wins help. Oklahoma is now a 10 or a 11 seed.

RHODE ISLAND The Rams have a solid NET of 31 but zero wins against the field. Best win is @VCU. As other teams rack up quad 1 & 2 wins, Rhode Island sees their resume dropping on the seed line.

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MISSISSIPPI ST Our first team out got a huge win over South Carolina. They are a team we discuss at every meeting. They have one quad 1 opportunity and one quad 2 opportunity left. They must win both.

UNCG Our group believes in the Southern Conference. Three teams with over 20 wins. With a NET at 60 they are close to the scenario last year where Belmont got in and this UNCG was in until a bid thief stole their spot. If this team wins out it will defeat Furman and two others, and gets to conference tourney final, look for the committee to find a way to put them in the field.

Out & Trending down

PURDUE The Boilermakers were at 14-10 with some solid quad 1 wins on its resume. It has since lost three straight games to fall to 14-13. They must make a nice run here at the end of the season plus get to at least the semi-finals of the BIG tourney to get in. Have to hope 19-15 will get them in with their current NET of 31.

ALABAMA The Crimson Tide also have some nice wins, but its most recent loss to Texas A&M really hurts their chances. Their NET is solid at 44 but 2-6 in quad 1 plus 2 quad 3 losses is the issue. With a great SOS, the Tide can make a run at a spot with a big time finish to the season.

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