Bubble talk: Feb 20

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Bubble talk: Feb 20

The bubble consists of the last 15 or so teams in the bracket and all the teams under consideration. We have 22 teams on the outside but still with a chance of making the bubble

In & Trending up

Florida – Florida has been moving up seeds now to a 7 seed, now winning 3 in a row including wins at Texas, TCU, and at Georgia. They also had beaten Kentucky prior to those 3 games.

Gonzaga – Gonzaga has a four game win streak over Kentucky and 3 conference teams and one of the games being away. Having their NET at a 23 is really helping them stay in the bubble.

In & Trending down

South Carolina – Lost two in a row at Auburn and a home loss to LSU. They now have moved down to one of our 8 seeds.

Texas A&M – A&M has now lost at Vanderbilt and a bad loss at Alabama. They now sit at one of our 11 seeds.

Out & Trending up

Providence – Providence has won their last 2 games against Saint Johns and DePaul. They have 4 quad one wins which is the 2nd most out of the teams sitting out of the tournament. They have a quad one game against Xavier Wednesday.

Pittsburgh – Pitt has now won 5 games in a row including 2 quad one wins. If they can keep this streak going they should see themselves in tournament.

Out & Trending down

Oregon – Oregon has now fallen to our 11th team out of bracket, and are going to continue falling if they don’t get some

Miami (FL) – Miami was up in our 11 seed to first four out for quite a while and now have fallen out now to the 17th team out.

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