Bracket news Jan 25th

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Bracket news Jan 25th

It’s all about the resume. Who have teams played and who have they beaten? March Madness centers around the bracket. Who is in? Who is out? Who is on the bubble? The NET ranking is the main sorting tool for the NCAA men’s selection committee. This week we share some thoughts on the NET vs resume discussion.

Teams with Higher NET than their Resume

Missouri: 23 NET : 5-1 Quad 1 wins – 5 wins in Quads 1&2. We believe that the Tigers at 10-2 are at least a 4 seed and maybe 3 seed at the moment. The NET would place them as a 6 seed

Louisiville: 42 Net: 1-2 quad 1, 4-0 quad 2- 5 overall quality wins. This NET ranking would place Louisville in the 10/11 seed range. We have the Cardinals at the 6 seed line at #21 overall.

Clemson: 53 NET: 9-4 overall 3-4 quad 1, 2-0 quad 2. 5 quality wins. Clemson was on fire and then had a covid layoff. They are 0-3 and lost by huge margins since. The computer metrics have dropped the Tigers to a level where teams may not be selected. We have Clemson on the 6 seed line based on number of wins and understanding how the record has occurred.

Teams with Lower NET than their resume

Oklahoma: 25 NET: 2-4 quad 1, 1-0 quad 2, 3 overall good wins. Oklahoma could be a 7 seed with this net. We have the Sooners as an 8 seed and could see them possibly even lower.

Arkansas: NET 33, 1-4 quad 1, 1-0 quad 2, 2 quality wins. Arkansas is in our field but a low 10 seed.

LSU: NET 35, 1-3 quad 1, 1-1 quad 2. 2 quality wins. WE have lSU on the 11 seed line lower than their NET ranking would place them.

Teams not in our bracket but have good wins and high NET

Wichita St: NET 70 with 3 quality wins

Providence: Net 69 with 4 quality wins

Marquette: Net 79 with 4 quality wins

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