Bracket update: Feb 20th

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Bracket update: Feb 20th


Purdue: Took at road loss to Ohio State(15-11), giving them their 3 loss of the season.

UConn: UCoon beats Marquette(19-6) by a 28 points at home at saturday, still 1 meeting left between the 2 teams.

Houston: Houston beat #6 Iowa State(20-6) by 8 points, a great Q1 win.

Arizona: Arizona is currently riding a 6 game win streak, and will play #21 Washinton State on Thursday.


Florida: Florida was on the bubble last week and is now on the 6th seed line, much in part from multiple quality wins. Florida is 8-2 in their last ten games, beating #14 Auburn and #17 Kentucky. They will face off against #13 Alabama at home tomorrow night.


Wisconsin: Wisconsin took a hard fall. They are 4-6 in their last 10 games and went from 2nd seed line all the way 5th seed line. Wisconsi suffered multiple bad loses, including Michigan and Rutgers. Wisconsin plays Maryland tonight, a good game to win to get them out of their slump.


Providence: Providence has been up and down the past couple of weeks, going 6/10 in their past ten games. They need to pick up some wins to bump up their NET of 59. This could prove to be a cripiling task, as they play #1 UCoon(24-2) and #7 Marquette(19-6).

Seton Hall: Seton Hall is also been fighting for their spot in the torunament. There last 5 games will be difficult, as they also play #1 UCoon(24-2) and #15 Creighton(19-7). They aslo play 2 fellow bubble teams in Butler(15-10) and Villinavo(14-11). It will be a battle to see who ends up in the tournament and who does not.

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