Bracket News: Nov. 29

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Bracket News: Nov. 29

We will look at each of the power 7 conferences and share the best wins, worst losses and the team that helped themselves the most during the week. All selections have to do with possible selection for the 2021 NCAA tourney

BIG 10

Best win: Michigan State over Notre Dame.

Worst Loss: Purdue losing to Clemson

Best week overall: Maryland 3-0…. wins matter at this point of the season


Best win:

Virginia Tech over Villanova

Louisville over Seton Hall

Worst loss: Virginia losing to San Francisco

Best week overall: Virginia Tech- got a win that will stay with their resume all year long

BIG 12

Best win: Baylor over Washington

Worst loss: Texas Tech losing to Houston- not devastating but a lost opportunity for a quality win

Best week overall: West Virginia and Oklahoma St


Best win: Villanova over Arizona St

Worst loss: Villanova losing to Virginia Tech- Nova is fine

Best week: Xavier- Bubble team going 3-0 is always good


Best Win: none really

Worst loss: South Carolina losing to Liberty

Best Week – Arkansas- 2-0

PAC 12

Best win: Arizona St over Rhode Island

Worst loss: UCLA losing to San Diego St

Best Week: Colorado and USC- undefeated


Best win: Houston over Texas Tech

Worst Loss: Memphis losing twice to Western Kentucky and VCU

Best Week: Houston


Best wins:

St. Louis over LSU

Richmond over Kentucky

Teams to watch:


Western Kentucky

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