Big East: Preview

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Big East: Preview

In 2019, the Big East had four teams enter the March Madness tournament, while five others made it into the NIT tournament. Four to five teams have a very good chance at representing the Big East in this year’s March Madness tournament. Here’s a look as to what to expect from the Big East teams this season. 

Teams that will be in


Seton Hall


Seton Hall and Xavier are both returning four of their five starters from last year. This includes the top playmakers from both teams. Villanova, on the other hand, lost arguably their best two players last year in Phil Booth and Eric Paschall. Still, Villanova has enough incoming and retaining talent to be arguably the best team in this conference again this season. 

Teams that should be in



At the end of last season, Marquette looked as if they were guaranteed to make the tournament again this year. However, Sam and Joey Hauser, both very vital to the Golden Eagles basketball team, decided to transfer after last season. Still Markus Howard is still one of the best college basketball player makers right now, so their tourney chances are still relatively high. 

Teams that could be in




Out of these three teams, I believe that Georgetown has a better chance at being a wild card team for the tournament. They have a dynamic backcourt, and an improved non conference schedule where they can rack up some non conference wins to boost their resume. They have been steadily increasing under coach Patrcik Ewing’s leadership, and this could be a breakout season for them. 

Long shots to be in

St. John’s


St. Johns is coming off of a year where a lot of coaching dramas occurred. Unsteady leadership could be a defining trait of this team during the season. DePaul isn’t going to ever be considered to be remotely in the tournament. Their last NCAA tournament appearance was in 2004 and it won’t be in 2020 either. 

All in all, several teams should get into the tournament from the Big East, with several others just flirting with a spot. Exciting playmakers from multiple teams will be the top headline from the Big East this year. 

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