BIG EAST Conference report Dec. 16

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BIG EAST Conference report Dec. 16

Early season standings don’t mean much, but things in the Big East definitely do look different than you might think. With Villanova and Butler near the bottom of the rankings some might think it’s a fluke but strong teams like Providence and Seton Hall only have one loss and are on multiple game win streaks. This conference still has 4/5 bids despite Villanova and Butler being at the bottom.

Conference Best

Xavier- The Musketeer’s have several good wins over teams like Virginia Tech and Ohio St. with their only loss being to a very strong Iowa St. team. Likely 3/4 seed line

Villanova – The Wildcat’s three loses were all to really solid teams so with that being said, Villanova is still the team to beat

Trending up: Teams moving up the seed list

Seton Hall- Road win at Michigan is a big win for the Pirates

Providence- This is a team that would definitely be good to beat if you’re in the Big East. Up in the top of the rankings with a good win over Texas Tech

Depaul- With only one loss to Loyola IL and one decent win over Rutgers, this is a team that needs to keep winning and playing better teams if they want to continue to move up

Uconn- Despite having a recent loss to West Virginia, Uconn’s resume is pretty solid and they could have even more success coming up with their next three games being to other strong teams in the Big East.

Bubble: Teams either in or out of the bracket

Marquette- Able to hold their spot on the bubble now but need to start winning some games if they wish to move up

St. John’s- The loss to a good Kansas team keeps them out of the bracket but getting wins in their next two games over Pitt and Seton Hall will definitely boost them back up.

Trending Down: Teams that are dropping down the seed list or out of our bracket

Creighton- The recent loss to Iowa St. and Arizona St. where missed opportunities but they can bounce back with a win over Villanova

Key Games

Xavier @ Villanova

Seton Hall @ Depaul

Providence @ UCONN

Marquette @ Xavier

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