5 Reasons Why Fantasy Football is a Gimmick

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5 Reasons Why Fantasy Football is a Gimmick

1.Your players can have a great week and then have no points at all.

When you draft a fantasy team, you get nine starters and seven bench players. One week your starters can play like starters and another they play like rookies who have never seen the field. Last week Drew Brees had -1 points, Ben Roethlisberger had 3 points, and Julian Edelman had 5 points. Two weeks ago these players combined had 42 points which is about seven times the amount of what they had last week. You would think that you could trust these players consistency because Drew Brees has he has the record for the most passing yards in a career (at 74,437 yards) and Big Ben has two super bowl wins and is the best quarterback the Steelers have seen so far. Julian Edelman has been awarded the game’s most valuable player and has been to the super bowl nine times. Even if your starters have all these records and stats you can never trust them fully. 

2. Injuries 

Injuries are a big part of any team even if they’re not in a fantasy league. In fantasy football, when players get injured midway through a game they can’t get any more points to help you out. Bringing up Drew Brees again and Ben Roethlisberger, they both got hurt in their games last week. So they had a combined score of 4 points. Those are some pretty crucial players since they have such a good reputation in the league. If your players get hurt you have no way of switching them out so once again you can’t rely on your players to get you points since there are over 150 injuries in the NFL right now. 

3.  Weather 

Weather is a part of any outdoor sport, especially football. The weather can affect every position. Your running back can slip in the snow or rain, the ball is harder to catch when it rains for your receivers and defense, and the ball is harder to throw for your quarterbacks. This will lower their point amounts and make them very inconsistent. 

4. Not Knowing If Questionable Players Will Play

When players get hurt or have an aggravation on their bodies they enter the questionable players list. This means that they can be fully injured and have broken their leg, or they could have sprained their ankle. If they did break their leg and they are still questionable then they aren’t able to play. That means that if you still had them in your starting lineup, that player puts up a whopping zero. If they sprained their ankle and you see that they are questionable, and you switch them for someone else, they could have a really good week and have 20 points.  

5. It’s Hard To Keep Up With Multiple Updates

In a sport with 32 teams and 52 players on each team, there are approximately 1,664 updates that can happen per week. Each player is doing something different and each team is playing someone new. Since there are so many things that people can change to do different and throw off your team. With many different types of weather in different places coaches can take out a player to try to avoid injuries.

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