4 Reasons Why Andrew Luck’s Retirement Will Effect Him and the Colts

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4 Reasons Why Andrew Luck’s Retirement Will Effect Him and the Colts

1.The quarterback will have big shoes to fill. 

With the Colts signing Bryan Hoyer, and already having Jacoby Brissett, they both combined don’t have as many passing yards as Andrew Luck does. Bryan Hoyer has been able to work with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady. Having Tom as a mentor will help but he still has to show that he can pick up where Luck left off. 

 2.  No more Football for Luck.

After Luck’s retirement he never stated anything about doing anything else with his life. He will have no more money rolling in if he still had his football check. Unless he goes and works for McDonald’s.

3.  All the injuries are out of Luck’s life.

Luck has suffered several injuries throughout his years as a quarterback. He has injured his shoulder, his back, his knee. All these things have caused him agony and pain, therefore, by leaving he has taken the pain out of his life. He will stop taking hits and stop getting injured. 

4.  Colts don’t have a Veteran to lead them. 

When Luck left the Colts he was 29 but he had been on the team for six years before he left. Jacoby Brissett has played for two years and is only 27. Luck’s experience allowed him to know the play book something Jacoby doesn’t have. He hasn’t lead the team for that long and doesn’t know the teams tendencies.

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  1. Deb Frevert says:

    Great article Cade….I think Andrew Luck would do well making MacDonalds commercials…. but I’m not too worried about it. I think he’s probably got a stash and is most likely financially set.
    Congratulations on your first published article!

  2. Thanks Deb for your comment. We appreciate comments for our author’s work.

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